The Manitoba Gazette — Volume 148 No. 49 — December 4, 2019

Government Notice — Under The Planning Act — Public Notice

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  1. TRC 12-062 R.M. OF GRAHAMDALE


Attention Residents of the Rural Municipality of Grahamdale

Share Your Views concerning the proposed relocation and expansion of a beef operation Gall Family Farm (TRC 12-062)

The Manitoba government has received a proposal from Gall Family Farm Inc. to relocate and expand its operation from 654 to 903 Animal Units at NE 33-26-8WPM and NW 33-26-8WPM.

If you would like to share your opinion concerning this proposal, you are invited to contact the Manitoba government by sending either a letter or an email with your name clearly identified to ( specifically referencing TRC 12-062 no later than January 8, 2020. After this date, the proposal will be dealt with by the Livestock Technical Review Committee.

Information submitted in response to this proposal is considered public information and will be made available to the proponent and placed on the public registry.

For more information

If you would like more information on this topic, please visit or the Rural Municipality of Grahamdale at 23 Government Road, PO Box 160, Moosehorn, Manitoba, R2C 2E0.

Technical Review Co-ordination Unit
Municipal Relations
604-800 Portage Avenue
Winnipeg, MB R3G 0N4
Fax: (204) 948-4042