The Manitoba Gazette — Volume 148 No. 44 — October 30, 2019

Government Notice — Under The Environment Act — Proposal

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Notice of Environment Act Proposal

Manitoba Sustainable Development has received a proposal pursuant to The Environment Act regarding the following operation and invites public participation in the review process:

Carfair Composites Inc. – Carfair Composite Facility – FILE: 5794.10

An Environment Act Proposal has been filed by Carfair Composites Inc. for the expansion and continued operation of composites manufacturing facility at 692 Mission Street (Lots 5 and 6 Plan 11084, WLTO in Lot F) in Winnipeg, Manitoba. The facility manufactures fiberglass reinforced polymer products using open mold and close mold processes. The facility utilizes chemicals such as resins, gelcoats, sealants, paints and solvents. The manufacturing process also involves curing, trimming, sanding, grinding, assembly and painting of the parts.

Anyone likely to be affected by the above operation and who wishes to comment on the proposal should contact Eshetu Beshada, Environmental Engineer, in writing or by email at or by telephone at 204-945-7023, not later than NOVEMBER 26, 2019. Further information is available from the Online Public Registry:

Information submitted in response to this proposal is considered public information and will be made available to the proponent and placed on the public registry established in accordance with Section 17 of The Environment Act.

Environmental Approvals Branch
Manitoba Sustainable Development

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