The Manitoba Gazette is published on a weekly basis and is comprised of official and other notices and advertisements which are required or provided for by provincial statute or regulation to be published in the Manitoba Gazette.

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The Manitoba Gazette is the official publication for:

  • Manitoba Government notices
  • Public notices that have a statutory requirement for publication in the Gazette including change of name notices and notice to creditors.
  • Advertisements, notices and publications that are required from:
    • the Crown
    • any department of the Government of Manitoba
    • any public authority, or by any officer or person.

Any notices or information that do not meet these requirements, may still be published, at the discretion of the King's Printer. The online English version of the Manitoba Gazette is the official copy. Government notices will be posted in French once they are provided by the department responsible for the notice.


How to submit a notice

Notices may be emailed or mailed to the following contact:
Manitoba Gazette
10-155 Carlton St
Winnipeg MB R3C 3H8
Phone: 204-945-3103

The deadline for placing a notice is Thursday noon, the week prior to publication. Deadlines may be adjusted due to statutory or government holiday. Please refer to the Deadline and Publication Schedule.

Notices sent by email to must include a contact phone number to collect pre-payment on Visa or MasterCard. Do not send credit card information by email as this is not a secure delivery method.

Confirmation of receipt of notice and the publication date will be sent by email.  Please contact our office at 204-945-3103 if a confirmation of receipt reply to an email submission, has not been received within 3 business days.

Notices may also be mailed to the Manitoba Gazette with a cheque or money order payable to the Minister of Finance.

Once published, the notice may be printed from


All notices must be prepaid. Several payment options are available.

Notices under:

Price (add GST):
The Executions Act:  
  •  Court Notices $20.07
The Municipal Act and The City of Winnipeg Charter:  
Tax Sale Notice  
  •  per preamble $47.80
  •  per parcel $4.03
 The Special Survey Act:  
   •  Notice of Filing $49.85
   •  Notice of Approval $26.94
 The Trustee Act:  
  •  Notice to Creditors $20.07
Other Notices  
  •  Per word $   .42
  •  Per lettersize page $81.33


Archived Issues

The archive section of this site includes issues back to 2013. Older issues are available for reference use at the Manitoba Legislative Library, 200 Vaughan Street and may be available at your local public library.