The Manitoba Gazette — Volume 151 No. 47 — November 23, 2022

Public Notice — Under the Naturopathic Act — Amendment to Regulation

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  1. The Manitoba Naturopathic Association Regulation

The Manitoba Naturopathic Association Regulation

The Manitoba Naturopathic Association Regulation

The Board of the Manitoba Naturopathic Association has made amendments to the following clauses:

4(1) Annual General Meeting (AGM)

(a) The AGM shall be held at least once every calendar year

(b) The AGM of the Association shall be held at a date, time and place determined by the board and the agenda for the meeting shall be determined by the board.

(c) Notice of the time and place of the AGM shall be sent to members at least 30 days in advance of the Meeting. Notice may be sent by regular mail, email or other method of delivery. The accidental omission to give the notice to any member(s) shall not invalidate any action taken at an AGM.

90(5) Audit or Review of Association Accounts

The following provisions apply to association accounts: (a) once a year as soon as possible after the end of the fiscal year, the accounts of the association must be examined, and the correctness of the statements of receipts and disbursements ascertained


(i) a qualified accountant,

(ii) a qualified firm of accountants, or

(iii) a pairing of any two members (excludes members of the board) of the association that has been appointed as auditor of the association;

(b) the auditor must be appointed by the board at the annual meeting of the board at remuneration approved by the board;

(c) the auditor holds office until the next annual meeting of the board and is eligible for re-appointment;

(d) any vacancy in the office of auditor may be filled by the board.